Episode 1: The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Thank you to Kristen Merrifield, the Alliance CEO and Jennifer Purcell, the Senior Vice President and Director of Development for joining us today to discuss what the Alliance is planning for 2022 and what is coming up for Arizona Gives Day this year.

For information about ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings, click here.
Visit arizonanonprofits.org to become a member or for more information about what is happening at the Alliance.
Learn about Arizona Gives here.

Kristen’s Illuminate Links:
Arrowhead Grill
Arizona Gives Day

Jen’s Illuminate Links
Sedona Airport Road

Angelica’s Favorite Restaurant(s)
Tinderbox Kitchen

Thanks to Corina Yeh-Hilliard, Maria Mejia, and Alyssa Lutker, who make up the rest of our podcast team. Without them, this podcast couldn’t happen. Special thanks to Alex Makes Music who composed our music.